Putnam Science Academy is proud to announce the creation of our Mustang Music Program. Our music program aims to provide exceptional educational opportunities students majoring in music as well as those endowed with musical talents. 

Using Putnam Science Academy’s position as a premier American private education platform, this program will offer students a comprehensive academic and musical cultivation, striving to shape their outstanding talents in the field of music. By deeply nurturing their skills, consolidating their academic foundations, and optimizing the students’ areas of expertise, our goal is to ensure that every student with musical talent can smoothly enter their desired music college or relevant major at a top-tier university in the United States, laying a solid foundation for their future musical careers. 

Meet our team

Leah Li

Founder and Director of Mustang Music Program


Artist Manager

Concert Producer

General Manager – New York Star Arts Management, LLC

Young Associate Sponsor of the Metropolitan Opera House




David Geber

Advisor of Mustang Music Program

Former Dean of Manhattan School of Music

Cello Professor at the Manhattan School of Music

Director of Chamber Music at the Manhattan School of Music

Founder of the American String Quartet

Su Mai

Advisor of Mustang Music Program

Master’s Supervisor Piano Department – Central Conservatory of Music

Recipient of the United Nations “Outstand Artist Award”

Reviewing expert of the Ministry of Education Degree Center


Advisor of PSA Chinese Ethnic Musical Instruments Department


Renowned as one of China’s Top Ten Young Pipa Performers

Former Director of the Chinese Music Research Office at Sun Yat-sen University School of Arts

Associate Professor Master’s Supervisor

Mustang Music visits Metropolitan Opera House

On April 5th, 2024, Leah Li, the director of PSA School’s music department, accompanied students to witness the dress rehearsal of “Fire Shut Up in My Bones” at the Metropolitan Opera House. This outing left a lasting impression on the students. Composed by Terence Blanchard and directed by Kasi Lemmons, the opera, based on Charles M. Blow’s memoir, sparked contemplation on music, theater, and societal themes. The students found the music and themes deeply moving. Many reflected on the portrayal of family dynamics, personal growth, and individual freedom. One student remarked, “The opera resonated with me emotionally, emphasizing the importance of self-discovery and freedom.”Additionally, students praised Blanchard’s compositions and the captivating stage design. One stated, “Blanchard’s music and the stage effects brought the story to life in a powerful way.”Overall, the students’ experience not only provided artistic enjoyment but also enriched their understanding of music and theater. This experience marks a significant milestone in their artistic journey and personal growth. 

Meet Xinyi Jiao

Class of 2024

Graduation Concert

May 17, 2024 ~ Putnam Science Academy Auditorium 


Our newly created Mustang Music and Director Leah Li are organizing a graduation Cello Concert on May 17, 2024, featuring PSA’s Class of 2024 Xinyi Jiao playing the Cello. Xinyi will be accompanied by Tianxiang Ni, a gifted young pianist from Beijing. 

Tianxiang Ni made her solo recital debut at the young age of 13. She was admitted in 2004 to the middle school attached to the Central Conservatory of Music in Beijing. She has held concerts in many cities like Beijing, Shaghai, Shenzhen and Wuhan. 

Our Mustang Music Program provides comprehensive support for all students pursuing music majors in college. We ensure a seamless transition and offer:
* I-20's for international students admitted to Putnam Science Academy
* Professional transportation services to nearby music schools
*Fully equipped practice rooms for ample rehearsal time
* Much much more

Our curriculum includes: * Professional courses covering music theory, performance, and specialized instrument instruction. * Interest courses like choir and music composition *Mentorship programs with industry professionals