The Putnam Science Academy Men’s Basketball program strives to develop aspiring students into successful student athletes and leaders with character and a passion for excellence, both on and off the court. We base our program on five core principles:
Individual Development, Teamwork, Sportsmanship, Respect and Leadership
Putnam Science Academy focuses on developing young athletes into competitive basketball players by the time they reach the collegiate level. 

Our program stresses the technical, tactical and physical demands of the game as it is played at the college level. By exposing our young athletes to these demands early on in the program, the players find themselves better prepared to play at a higher level. A rigorous preseason training program is also an important element to the success and development of our players. Additionally, we have specific conditioning and technical exercises that improve the players core strength and develop agility.




Tom Espinosa Head Coach


John Cavaliere Varsity Coach

Varsity TEAM

Nick Schmidt Head Coach



red team

Sabrina Browne Head Coach
Jessica Kovatch Asst. Coach


basketball NEWS

Men’s Prep wins the 1st ever Power 5 Conference Championship

Stop to smell the roses. But know there is one more to go. That’s how PSA’s boys Prep basketball team approached the postgame celebration Sunday night after a 96-70 win over Commonwealth Academy in the title game of the Power 5 Conference Tournament. “It’s a good feeling,” said Arturo Dean, who had 13 points, six

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