On Friday, December 11, the PSA Chapter was officially inducted into the National Honor Society by the members of the Serena B Mowry Chapter from Ledyard High School. A total of twenty-nine inductees took part in the ceremony and there were many important guests present, such as the mayor of Putnam and the president of the Wellspring Foundation. It was an unforgettable occasion for not only the inductees, but also for PSA. After the ceremony, all attendees were invited to celebrate the moment with each other accompanied by various appetizers and Turkish tea, prepared by the PSA Staff.

Tuesday November 28, was yet again a good excuse to come together with our neighbors to enjoy a feast in celebration of Thanksgiving. Putnam Science Academy organized the traditional Annual Thanksgiving Dinner and welcomed over 150 guests from all over Connecticut, ranging from parents to State Representatives. After having enjoyed the meal, the guests joined the conference room to give thanks for all we had and learn about the different religions and cultures from our community. Inspiring speeches were held and one of our guests treated us with an instrumental piece of artwork by playing the Ney, an instrument originating from the Turkic culture. Finally, The night was brought to an end with much appreciation for every thing and a goodbye in the hope of seeing each other again on the same occasion in the following year. All in all, it was a night filled with nostalgia and also formed a great opportunity for all to make new friendships and to renew existing ones.

On Thanksgiving Break, a group of juniors had a chance to visit Washington, D.C with their chaperones. After a long car trip to the nation’s capitol, the students started their trip with a visit to the National Mall. There, the students had the opportunity to visit any museum they chose. They explored the history of the United States in different museums such as the National Air and Space Museum and the National Gallery of Art.